About us

Shenzhen Equatorial Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Equator") was established on June 24, 2013. Its registered capital is RMB 5 million. Its headquarters is located in Block 1101, D, Phase II, Wudao Xinghe WORLD, Longhua New Area, Shenzhen.
The main business of the company revolves around the main theme of national development and implements the "one belt and one road" initiative. It focuses on the three core businesses of air sea transportation, modern logistics and modern financial services, and creates a new economy to protect the aviation industry.
Our company is aiming to build a global supply chain enterprise with high value industries, and build a global, throughout the entire logistics digital logistics ecosystem, providing customers with all-round, integrated logistics management and services.
Equatorial Vision: Creating the Best Supply Chain Enterprise in the World
Equatorial Mission: Around the Equator, Around the World
Equator's Core Ideas and Values: Professional Refinement, Open Innovation, Unity, Respect for Efficient Result
The equator is a platform of unity, freedom and equality. Everyone here gathers together because of their dreams, works together, strives together, grows together and achieves their dreams together. Only in this way can the equator grow steadily in terms of development, positioning and performance. Our figure is gradually expanding, and we expect to serve more customers and not on a professional basis. Continue to innovate, continue to surpass and achieve win-win situation to achieve common goals.


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